BYS is a brand that is ethically sourced, vegan friendly and cruelty free certified. Our next brand priority is planet protection as we follow through on our commitment to a better future through ethical and sustainable products.  


Sustainable beauty is the way forward and BYS is focused on “thoughtful packaging”.  We have already made some big changes in this area, from sourcing and production through to packaging.  As a brand have already made the move away from PVC packaging and have been sourcing bottles, tins and glass bottles which can be recycled or reused.  Plus, we have already started eliminating unnecessary packaging where we can and limiting the use of foiling on cards or packaging as this makes the product unrecyclable.

BYS is now working towards using recycled materials in all packaging including PPE (which is made from recycled materials and is also recyclable) and using recycled cardboard.  As a business we are looking to resource bottles and plastics, and update packaging where necessary to meet these goals.

As BYS continues to work through this project, we will be highlighting the packaging composition on our artwork and cards which is the next critical step in the education of what to do with the product. 

BYS can make all the right moves as a brand, but we need the help of our consumers to follow this through.  Below are some of the symbols you will start to see come through on our products and ranges, as we hope you do your part in helping us provide a better future.